How To Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

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A research paper is an academic writing piece providing analysis, interpretation, and argument concerning a specific topic on an in-depth and independent study. Students and scholars writing the paper need to demonstrate to the audience that they have a strong knowledge of their topic. They thus need to engage a variety of knowledge sources. Several firms provide research paper writing services for these kinds of papers. The firms guide the students on the step-wise process of writing research papers. The contents covered in writing service training include:

Topic Selection: These papers have a unique topic that must be tackled by the people conducting research. The topic needs to be narrow and specific to guide targeted research. Through the topic selection, the service providers guide the learners on the appropriate respondents and the best suite for the study.

Review of literature: The writing service companies have a wide range of professionals specialized in different areas. They conduct a literature review based on the topics provided by the students. Depending on their level of study, students are expected to present sources they have studied that align with their selected or assigned topics. The writing service firms ensure that the conducted specialists review credible sources, analyzing and critiquing their methodology and results. The literature review services, therefore, include providing the best citation and references of the sources reviewed and their standpoint on the issue being reviewed.

Design of methodology: Service writing firms’ work extends to the research methodology design that would be used to confirm or refute the findings presented in the sources reviewed in the literature section. The methodology is a sketch that would guide the data collection process. In this section, the research paper writing services experts present the exact and appropriate methods that would be used in the research. Moist students conducting research often ask themselves one major question: which research methods best fit my research questions and objectives? The writing professionals best answer this question since they have expertise in research. Therefore, the research writers would guide the student on the best methods they should apply in their study, based on the research questions and objectives.

Data collection, analysis, and presentation of results: Besides guiding the students on how to formulate topics and design research methodology, the research experts within the writing firms research the topics chosen by the students. They also analyze the results and present the findings. Therefore, the students get full services regarding their research needs. The experts also help the learners establish the gaps and limitations within the research conducted and therefore recommend the further studies that need to be conducted.

Summary and Conclusion: The final aspect covered in research papers is writing the summary and conclusion of the research papers. This is the final stage of writing a research paper and requires learners to summarize their paper while providing recommendations for further study. Some students get it hard to write this section of the paper. Fortunately, the writing companies have experts to guide such learners in finishing their projects through high-level and expert guidance.

Thesis Writing

Writing a thesis could be challenging for some learners. Students get it hard to write thesis papers for two reasons. First, they are not well trained on how to develop the papers with the high level of stylistic techniques that are encouraged in academia. Secondly, some do not have the time to design and write the paper due to the tight schedule they find themselves in, when trying to balance work and education. Is there thesis writing services for the learners? The answer to this question is Yes. There are several students stuck in writing their thesis projects. There is always a way out for them since the writing firms have a significant number of scholars and academic professionals with expertise in writing such projects.

Services Offered

There are several services offered by professionals and firms that write thesis papers for students. The services include:

Thesis Development: A thesis is a master-level project that is written during the final level of study. Learners are required to write a proposal and collect data to bring in new knowledge about the research conducted upon approval. The firms providing writing services for these kinds of papers guide the learners on topic selection. They also help the students conduct literature reviews while designing the methodology used to collect and analyze data. Besides, the firms interpret the results and present the findings on behalf of the students. Thus, they perform the whole process of thesis development.

Conclusion writing: Even though the conclusion is part of the thesis paper, some students seek to incorporate the concluding part, especially when they find challenges developing one. The firms thus provide writing services for the conclusion sections of the essays.

Why Is It Essential to Write A Conclusion on Research Papers?

Like essays, research papers need to have a conclusion. The conclusion is essential since it reminds the readers of the impact and strength of the argument. It also reminds them of the significant aspects that the researchers have established and how they can be applied in real-life situations such as decision-making and policy formation processes.

Types of Conclusions Provided by The Writing Firms

The thesis writing services firms guide learners in writing three types of conclusions:

Summarizing conclusions: Students can write their conclusions giving summaries of the major points in a research paper. This format is the most common for problem-based research, persuasive and argumentative research papers.

Externalizing conclusions-These types of conclusions present ideas that are not directly covered in the paper. They, however, provide new details that help support the original arguments presented in the research projects. The wiring firms use this style to get the readers to think in new directions about the topic’s impact on the issue of concern.

Editorial conclusion: It entails writing a conclusion with own commentary or ideas not presented in the paper. It is useful when the researcher wants to connect their thoughts with the research topic and findings. It gives the researchers or writers the freedom to state how they feel about results and general topics. Professional research writers use all these conclusions in finishing up their research projects.

Writing the Best Conclusion

How do I write my conclusion? This question is asked by several students, especially those stuck with writing a conclusion of their research papers.

Some steps must be followed when writing a conclusion. They include:

Topic Restatement: The writer must restate the research topic in one or two sentences while highlighting its importance in generating new knowledge or filling a gap in research.

Restatement of thesis: The writers need to restate their thesis by revising the original statement presented at the end of the introduction. The thesis statement, in conclusion, need to be worded differently.

Summary of significant points: The writer in this stage summarizes the major points in a research paper. The points can be sourced from the literature review and the findings section of the paper. The points selected should be aligned with the thesis statement.

Stating the significance of the results: After stating the major points, the research must state how the major findings of the study would impact policy formulations, influence decision-making, or change professional practices in the areas of concern.

Conclusion of thoughts: The last step of conclusion writing allows the researchers or writers to finish up the paper by calling to action the parties mentioned in the paper or posing an idea that gets the readers thinking about the next course of action. This section can also address any questions that were not answered by the findings of the study.

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